Master Wintour… Introduce yourself

1. Your first and last name:

2. Nationality

3. -Last University frequentad before the Wine Tour Master (name and city) + Degree obtained

4. Do you already work or study in the field of marketing ?



5. If you have ever worked or studied in the field of marketing:Could you be more precise:
-For how long ?
-What was the context (your position, type of study, level of study…)?
-In which fields and with which tool : consumer’s behavior, market research, product launch, brand policy, commercial communication and advertising, business promotion…)

6. Have you ever worked or studied in the field of webdesign ?


7. If you have already worked or studied in the field of the webdesign can you specify:

  • What was the context ?
  • What tools did you use ?
  • What software do you have ?
  • Can you give me a URL that represents your work ?


8. Do you think that digital marketing will be important for wine tourism in the years to come? Please specify why.

9. What does SEO mean?

10. What is Google Analytics ?

11. What does KPI mean ?

12. Do you have a Gmail account ?


13. Do you have a Facebook account ?


14. Do you have a Facebook page ?


15. Do you have a Twitter account ?


16. In general what do you like ? (e.g: football, cooking, going out with my friends, cinema, bird watching, making music, knitting, disco, work…)

17. In general what don’t you like (what do you dislike ?). e.g; Make sport, sauerkraut, red wine, boredom, travel by plane, ride a bike, dogs…

18. Do you plan to learn French ?


19. Are you happy to study digital marketing ?